Demis Flanagan

I'm a software QA consultant specializing in mobile application testing for Android and iOS.
I do most of my work through uTest but also have a number of clients I support independently.  

iOS and Android App QA Testing
I provide functional QA testing on iOS and Android devices for small/medium size businesses and developers.
If you are interested hiring me for your project please send me an email.

Past Projects

  Love is...     Blenda      
Casali Media LLC
Executive Ware Inc.
Sudo Labs
Benthic LLC
SunSpark Labs LLC


If you use TestFlight to distribute builds I'm ready to go.

Does your project have no preexisting test scripts in place?
No problem! I have my own in-house test script template that can be used as a basis for testing, in addition to extensive exploratory testing - all within the project time budget you specify.
My test script template has a set of standard test cases applicable to most applications.

For large projects a complete custom test script can also be systematically generated during exploratory testing which will include a full set of test suites and cases specific to your application.

A custom test script is useful for both reporting, as well as structuring, streamlining, and extending the depth of testing of subsequent build revisions so I highly recommend it.

My testing and reporting process covers the following types of testing:
  • Compatibility
  • Exploratory
  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • Usability Reporting
In addition to my standard test script I also report defects found using any of a number of widely used tracking systems. If a tracking system is not available or preferred I report defects manually using my standard reporting template along with the test script via email.

I have experience using these defect tracking systems:
  • Mantis
  • Bugzilla 
  • Manual (Spreadsheet/PDF) Daily email updates are provided detailing progress and any new or changed defect reports, along with copies of the current test script in progress.
At the end of the test cycle I also provide a completed test script which also contains a summary test report.

I typically charge a flat per hour rate and invoice weekly or at end of test cycle, but I'm open to negotiating other plans such as a flat per project.

I use FreshBooks to provide easy online painless invoicing.
Payments can be accepted using PayPal or credit card